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*  Change File Associations

   Changing file association of a file type. Select the file; hold [shift],
   click the right mouse button and select Open With from it's pop-up menu. 

*  Extract files

You can manually extract original compressed windows files from your Win CD
or IE setup CAB files, which can be very useful when your PC tells you that
KERNEL32.DLL or another system file has been corrupted. Win98's System File
Checker: (SFC.EXE in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder) can automatically fix some
corrupted files for you. Win95 users can make repairs using the DOS EXTRACT
tool (in the \WINDOWS\COMMAND folder). Type EXTRACT /? from a DOS window to
view the syntax requirements and available options for using this tool. You
can use WinZip to open and extract files from your Cabinet (CAB) files. For
more information about extract original windows files, see Microsoft's page
or the DOS encyclopedia, http://2dos.homepage.dk/batutil/NEWS5.HTM#extract.

*  Delete files
Delete pipe files in the TEMP folder. See the news page 6.

UnDelete/UnFormat Freeware: PC Inspector File Recovery, (Fat12/16/32 NTFS.)

Which CAB file? I created a list, (extracted the files and used the following DOS command:) "Dir/o/a-d/s/b D:\Win98 >> \Dir.txt" -- See the Complete list, (9204 files) Search and you shall find. IE Browser tips: To search within any file, hold the [Ctrl] key & press [B]
Search for
Get a Free Search Engine for Your Web Site

*  Tips

To delete files without putting them in your "trash can", just hold [Shift]
and then either press the [delete] key or use drag and drop with your mouse
More trash: 
Place a short cut to your "Recycle Bin" in your "C:\WINDOWS\SENDTO\" folder
Much more trash: 
Reduce the available space for deletion and you get more disk space. Select
(left click once) the trash can, hold the [right ALT] key and press [ENTER]
PS. If you want to completely erase your stuff? Try this link. -- Moreover:
When your next-door neighbour yells ARRGH! Visit her, and in case she wants
her deleted files returned? Just say, that she should downloadrecover tools
ass soon as possible. But remember to tell her: you found it on my Homepage

Explorer C:\Windows files in that folder
A new MS-DOS Batch File (Win98):

  @ Echo off
  Echo. 1: Remove %windir% Prompt; Are you sure that u should see my files?
  Choice/c12/n                ÿ2: Windows default:( Let Bill decide it. ):
  If errorlevel = 003 Call Exit.(ESCaped)
  If errorlevel = 002 Goto Show.(o:> NUL (a Chinese smiley from Australia):
  Attrib -h %windir%\desktop.ini
  For %%c in (Ren Exit        :) do %%c %windir%\desktop.ini "_desktop.ini"
: Show it -- (Win98 Prompts u ):
  If exist %windir%\_desktop.ini Rename %windir%\_desktop.ini "desktop.ini"
  Attrib +h %windir%\desktop.ini
::End of this MS-DOS Batch File. -- (A very long file name, 67 characters:)
::"Never ever show me again; that ugly Win98, Explorer-My-Files-Prompt.BAT"

*  Clean Control Panel

 If your Control Panel is cluttered with icons you don't need, clean it up.
 In the SYSTEM directory, you'll find a CPL file for each item. Move those
 you don't want to a safe place.

Search and open the folder
   To fast open a folder where a file was found after you made a search.
   For example, if you made a search on *.wab to find your address book;
   just drag and drop the file to the StartMenu's run dialog box, select
   it and press the [End] key, then use the [Backspace] button to remove
   the filename.wab in "\folder\folders...\filename.wab" & press [Enter]
   If your Run dialog box was not empty, your should first select it and
   then press the [Delete] key to clear it.

*  Copy Entire

   If you try to copy your entire C:\WINDOWS folder, Windows copies most
   but terminates because it hits WIN386.SWP virtual memory system file.
   Here's a workaround: Create your destination folder. Open the WINDOWS
   folder, hit [Ctrl+A] then [Ctrl+End]. Locate WIN386.SWP and hold down
   the [Ctrl] key & click once on the file to deselect it. Now just drag
   and drop all the other files and folders to your destination folders.

Can't defragmenter the SWP file
   Workaround it: Disable the swap file and run the Defrag /f/b command.
   Remember to restart and enable your swap file, (settings to default).

   Defrag the registry.

*  Tweak

   Download 653kB: [Tweak Revisited v1.6 - Win9x]:
   Registry 'hacking' program which offers some neat tweaks.
   Find/change the registered owner and/or your installation code number.
   Add "Open with Notepad" as a right-click option with all files.
   More options, manage 'cookies'... It now works for IE 5.01.
   Don't forget the VBrun-time files.

Tweak UI - [Windows 95 Power Toys]:

   Win98 comes with a different version of Tweak UI.
   To install it:

   [ Insert the Win98 CD • Browse This CD • Tools\Reskit\Powertoy folder
   • Right-click TWEAKUI.INF • Choose "Install" from it's pop-up menu. ]

   If your computer didn't come with an original Win98 CD (or if you got
   the 2.Edition), then you can download Tweak UI for Win98 from winmag.
   Note: (November 2000)
   Microsoft released a new version, Tweak UI 1.33 (also known as Tweak-
   UI 2000). Microsoft Tweak UI 1.33 (Win95/98/NT4/2000/Me)

   Tweaking the TCP IP RcvWindow, News, page 11 TCPIP.VBS, author: myself.

Useful short cuts
Short cut: "RUNDLL32.EXE user.exe,ExitWindows".......    Shuts down your PC.
Short cut: "EXPLORER.EXE /e,/root,".......               Explorer your files
Short cut: "CONTROL.EXE APPWIZ.CPL".......               Add/Remove Programs

Short cut: "MSCONFIG.EXE"
Short cut: "SYSEDIT.EXE"

Icon name: "Device Manager". To Grab An Icon from setupx.dll, which exist
           in a Cabinet File, use Icon Snatcher and Snatch or Snatch: EXITWin98.zip

LNK files: Batch & WSH, Page 7.

A short cut with a funny file name
Icon name: "Faster Boot"
File name: "D:\FastBoot98\Enter;4Tab;R;Tab; ; Enter;Alt+F4"     R = Right
                                                              ; ; = Space

OOPS, I simply forgot what, where and why I can't figure out of this one?
But I remember a short cut that is very impressive for a Newbee: "DEFRAG"

*  Secure

   Dangerous email worms.
   Secure Outlook Express 5.0:

       [ From the menu, select Tools • Options • Security
         and select the radio button for Restricted Sites ]

   Microsoft Security Advisor site
       A complete list of security patches, include details
       about the risks of each problem and links 2 download

       Win98 users can obtain most of these fixes simply by
       visiting the Windows Update.

Freeware found at: [winmag.com/library/]

  • [Add/Remove Pro. ADRMPRO1.ZIP 154KB] Super Win Software.
    Cleans up your Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs list.
    NOTE: It's better if you reinstall a deleted application
    and then uninstall it. (Start, Run: CONTROL APPWIZ.CPL).
  • [RegMonEx. REGMONEX.ZIP 172KB] Jan Sultan.
    Display which sections of the Registry are
    accessed (when an application is running).

*  Install Windows

 D:Install /?    Try it.  (CD-ROM drive letter is D).

 D:Install /T:drive:\TEMP /is

 /T:drive:\TEMP  Specify a drive letter for temporary files.

            /is  Ignore ScanDisk.

*  Setup Command-Line Switches:

             /C  Don't load the SmartDrive disk cache.
             /d  Ignore the existing version of Windows95 for the early
                 phases of Setup. Use this switch if you have problems.
            /id  Ignore check for the minimum disk space required.
            /ih  Don't run ScanDisk in the background. See the results!
            /iL  Loads a Logitech Series C mouse driver.
         /iq/is  Ignore quick system check ("/iq" DOS and "/is" in WIN)
     /t:tempdir  An existing directory where Setup can erase all files.

*  Links:

[Service Packs] | [Script Center (XP).]
[RegClean 4.1a] Cleanup your Win9x Registry [Microsoft Updates] | [DirectX]
[Bud's troubleshooter] [Tips] Written in Danish! [winmag/fixes/] Fixes Slowstart [AXCEL216's MAX Speeed WinDOwS Tricks + Secrets]

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