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Create you own computer program.
      A program to search the WEB.

      You can't download this program but I think that you are a
      programmer who is much clever than those at "Mickey soft"!
      So, just make your own program. Use it or create a gift to
      your friends. Just say:
How to be saved.

  ::  1.  Mouse! Move to the beginning of this line and click the left button.
  ::  2.  Mouse! Move over the following lines.
  ::  3.  Mouse: (tell your master that she can now release your left button).
  ::  4.  Mouse! Click the right button and select COPY.
  ::  5.  Mouse! Please open Notepad. (Click Start, Run and write Notepad) OK.
  ::  6.  Mouse! Click the right button, select INSERT.
  ::  7.  Mouse! Click on FILES (menu in the upper left corner). Click on SAVE
  ::  8.  You may now write the following: GO.BAT
  ::  9.  Mouse! Look down in the "save menu" and goto select: All files (*.*)
  ::      SAVE.
  :: 10.  Close Notepad: Just hold the ALT key and press the F4 key. FINISHED!
@echo off
set TERMS=%1
   if (%2) == () goto Ready
   set TERMS=%TERMS%+%2
   goto Loop
set TERMS=
  :: Usage:   GO word1 word2 and so on...
  :: Example: GO interesting DOS Laura
  :: Note: No words are necessary/required.
  :: * End of GO.BAT * A program to search the WEB * Written by YOUR NAME HERE
  :: * Additional information about GO.BAT by Gary L. Smith (Columbus, Ohio) *
  :: * If your new freeware program wont work, then you may try the following:
  :: * Move the file to "C:\Windows\Command\GO.BAT" or follow the above links.

  :: If you are able to copy and paste, then you can try this/another example.

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November 27 - 2000

Off topic. -- It's time to publish my research.

(Graph+ is updated February 18, 2001)
  Draw your math.
  Download Graph+
  [-3/2 X*X +3X +4 | X<=2.519] and [2X -3 | X>=2.52]
After an introduction (successful formulas to figure out Pi and things like that, I almost got a headache). I did that years ago. At that time I wanted to publish my math but I didn't (I got a computer to play with and so on...)

The picture on the left shows one of my better math discoveries (I think?). You can put as many different formulas as you wish, together in just one formula and you can also decide where the next formula takes over, etc...

Yesterday I was searching for a program to draw graphs and I was lucky to find the Graph+ freeware program. But frankly speaking I don't have much education about English and mathematics, etc.

Here's an example of how to create a "X isn't 3" statement:
Texas Ti-68
(my old calculator)

-2-1 * (sig(-abs(x-3))-1)


if not %X%==3 batch 



Copy & paste. Zoom in: (x,y)=(3,1)

   Note: the above |3-x|^(1/999), abs(3-x)(1/99999) is better but you'll miss the point.


Definition of sig(x)

                  x < 0    x = 0    x > 0
       sig(x)       -1        1        1

BTW.: We maybe could find some possibilities in the programming of computers and take advantage of DOS batch, JavaScript, VBScript and HTML, or DHTML (Dyn HTML, JScript and DOM), etc... Anyhow, it is very exciting stuff...
<a style="cursor:hand; text-decoration:underLine; color:#E0E0C0" onClick="JavaScript:
  alert('\t' + +true + '\n\t' + +false)// Space: + +true, NOT ++true">
Click here for value of TRUE and FALSE in JScript</a>
Click here for value of TRUE and FALSE in JScript
<a style="cursor:hand; text-decoration:underLine; color:#E0E0C0" onClick="VBS:
  msgBox vbTab & --true & vbCr & vbTab & --false,, 'True and False.'">
Click here for value of TRUE and FALSE in VBScript</a>
Click here for value of TRUE and FALSE in VBScript


Definition of n, z and p

  Let's say that n represents numbers less than 0, z represents zero
  and p represents numbers greater than 0,
  then according to the definition of sig(x),
  sig(n) = -1 and sig(z) = sig (p) = 1

Now I say that the following is true:

  h(x) = (sig(b-x) -sig(a-x)) / 2
  h(x) = 0 | x <= a or x > b
  h(x) = 1 | a < x <= b

And now I show you that it's true:

  x can only satisfy one of the following five conditions:
  less than a, equal to a, range between a (not included) and b
  (not included), equal to b, or greater than b:

             x1 x2 x3 x4 x5
                a     b
                                           a < b
if x=x1, then both a and b are greater than x
   so, according to the definition of p, both
   (b-x) and (a-x) are equal to p:

            h(x) = (sig(b-x) -sig(a-x)) / 2
            h(x) = (sig(p) -sig(p)) / 2
            h(x) = 0 = 0 / 2 = (1 -1) / 2

   Now my assertion: h(x) = 0 | x <= a or x > b
   is obviously true for x=x1.

if x=x2, then x=a and b is greater than x:

            h(x) = (sig(p) -sig(z)) / 2

   Since sig(z) = sig(p) and according to the above
   demonstration for x=x1, then h(x) = 0 and since
   x <= a or x > b is true, then my assertion is true for x=x2.

if x=x3, then a < x and b > x
   h(x) should be 1. Let's see if that's true:

            h(x) = (sig(p) -sig(n)) / 2
            h(x) = 1 = 2 / 2 = (1 -(-1)) / 2

if x=x4, then a < x and b = x

            h(x) = (sig(b-x) -sig(a-x)) / 2
            h(x) = (sig(z) -sig(n)) / 2
            h(x) = 1 = 2 / 2 = (1 -(-1)) / 2

   and my assertion: h(x) = 1 | a < x <= b
   is true for x=x4.

if x=x5, then a < x and b < x

            h(x) = (sig(n) -sig(n)) / 2
            h(x) = 0 = 0 / 2 = (-1 +1) / 2 = (-1 -(-1)) / 2

Conclusion: (tested and proved)

       h(x) = (sig(b-x) -sig(a-x)) / 2
       h(x) = 0 | x <= a or x > b
       h(x) = 1 | a < x <= b

I would be surprised if my formula wasn't true for any value of x.
because I have used my system in practice/(real life).

About 10 years ago I was working in the post office at night.
I had to write a bill to those who hadn't put enough stamps on
their mail.

To figure out how many stamps to put on a letter, I had to take a look
at a table. Depending on (x), how many kilo or gram, (or if I didn't like that person:)
I wrote a big bill to pay for the missing stamps along with charges :-)

I had just got myself a pocket calculator. But to use it for this job was impossible. A big sour guy (the boss) didn't want me to use the pocket calculator because: everything should be done the way it always had been. Anyhow, like my boss: my pocket calculator couldn't figure out anything much and it was also impossible to program it except for simple arithmetic as plus or minus and so on. But I decided to overcome this difficulty and I devised my formulas. Moreover, I realized that my formulas was useful for any presentment of my mathematical problems.

Here's my "post formula":

                f1(x) + fn(x)    n-1  fi+1(x) - fi(x)
         F(X) = ------------- + SUM --------------- sig(x-bi)
                      2          i=1        2

   |                   ---------    f4(x) | b3 <= x
   |              -----             f3(x) | b2 <= x < b3
   |      --------                  f2(x) | b1 <= x < b2
 --|------                          f1(x) | b1 > x
   |      b1      b2   b3

  I told my friends that it's possible to draw a graph of a formula.
  For example y=x, no surprise but when I said that I was able to put
  all the different sort of formulas together in one formula and then all
  I had to do was to hit a button on my pocket calculator, then they
  just got a strange look on their face.
  Even my math teacher thought that this was completely impossible.

Benny Pedersen
(((-(-40) +x)^(1/999) -(-(2.519) +x)^(1/999))/2) (-3/2(x^2) +3x +4) +(((-(2.519) +x)^(1/999) -(-(40) +x)^(1/999))/2) (2x -3)

It's the drawing you saw on the picture (-1.5 (x^2) +3x +4) and (2x -3)
(try substitute -40 with -3 or the second 2.519 with 4)

How to construct any formula in 10 seconds:

If you know a monkey? then let it paint a picture for you and when it's finished, then you can show your friends a formula to draw the graph of that painting.
Let's say the monkey painted a banana and then he (by an accident), dropped the paint brush.

To be continued...


Raise abs(n) to the k'th power: |n|^(1/99999)
01 x = a (1/2 +sig(-abs(a-x))/2) ~
(1 -(|a-x|^k))

02 x not a (1/2 -sig(-abs(a-x))/2) ~

03 x < a (1/2 -sig(x-a)/2) ~

04 x <= a (1/2 +sig(a-x)/2) ~

05 x >= a (1/2 +sig(x-a)/2) ~

06 x > a (1/2 -sig(a-x)/2) ~

07 a <= x < b (sig(x-a)/2 -sig(x-b)/2) ~

08 a < x <= b (-sig(a-x)/2 +sig(b-x)/2) ~

09 a <= x<= b (sig(x-a)/2 +sig(b-x)/2) ~

10 a < x < b (-sig(a-x)/2 -sig(x-b)/2) ~


Formula:          n
          F(x)  = SUM 1/2 fi(x)  ( -((bi-1-x)k) +((bi-x)k) )  |  b0 < x < bn

(n=3)     f1(x) = -1/PI x2 +2x +7  |  2 < x <= 7.006978  |  b0 = 2
          f2(x) =  1/3 x +3.05     |  7.006978 <= x<= 8  |  b1 = 7.006978
          f3(x) =  sin(x2) +4.8    |  8 <= x < 12.00001  |  b2 = 8
                                                            b3 = 12.00001
F(x) | 2 < x < 12.00001
Graph+, copy and paste:

The following FAILS with Netscape, which don't understand HTML!

((-(Pi^(-1))(x^2)+2x+7) (-((2-x)^(1/99999))+((7.006978-x)^(1/99999))) + (    1/3 x +3.05     ) (-((7.006978-x)^(1/99999))+((8-x)^(1/99999))) + (    sin(x^2) +4.8   ) (-((8-x)^(1/99999))+((12.00001-x)^(1/99999))))/2
Note: (don't miss the point) You don't see three formulas but ONLY one formula!

NEW drawing (April 2001)
 Homemade polygon formula | (n > 2)
 Example n = 3

 Polygon_around = n d sin(Pi/n)
 Polygon_area = Polygon_around 1/4 d cos(Pi/n) = 1/8 n d^2 sin(2 Pi/n)

 Polygon_around = n d sin(180/n)
 Polygon_area = Polygon_around 1/4 d cos(180/n) = 1/8 n d^2 sin(360/n)

 0 +1 +2 +3 +n +3 +2 +1 +0 = n^2
 so therefore:
 1 +2 +3 +n = ((n +1)^2 -(n +1))/2 = (n^2 +n)/2

End here at Dec 11, 2000,
(going to sleep)


       I havn't seen a better Gif optimizer than this one! EjectCD.bat is tested in Win98.
       Author myself.

       FTP.VBS A small freeware FTP program.
       Author myself.

       MultiClip.bat Win9X. A DOS batch file that you'll use very often.
       (If you can't Copy Paste, see the notes along with the picture). Win 98/XP. Defrag (maintenance your PC), then shuts down your computer.
       Author myself. More information with source included: News page 10

       Clickie Win 95/98/2000, NT 4.0 or later. Two new right click actions:
       [Copy PATH Name] or [Open MS-DOS Prompt (on folders).]

       CdTree 1.1.5 is released. It creates a catalog of the files and folders on CDs.

       I found a link to a freeware FAX program. (Win95/98/NT/2000).
       The VB6 runtime files is needed.

       Directory Snoop is updated. A Win9x utility to undo deleted files: (recover, page 2)

       Are your newly burnt CDROM okay?
       CDCheck (Win95/98/NT) -- Checks the integrity of your data CDROMs and tells
       you which files are corrupted. It can also check old CDROMs but not audio CDs.

       Other Links: Recover - page 2, (Clone CD and CDCheck



DOS Guide. A comprehensive book about DOS & Batch.

"PKunzip -d" or use WinZip & right click the file.

I have included almost all my pages.

 Last updated:  April 30, 2002.
 Next update:  Unknown.


Freeware computer books

Windows Registry Guide

Written in Danish: Advanced Win98 tips og tricks. DOS under Windows, Registry, Troubleshooting, etc...

HTML Reference and CSS Guide



Programs that I found useful:


Pfe32 - Text Editor ver. 7.02. (PFEsetup.gif)
(I wrote almost ALL my HTML and other files using Pfe32)

Mihov Image Resizer (converts format of picture. JPG to GIF, and other...)

ClipName - Get PATH of a filename.

Download sites Webzip

Ro (28 KB) Tutorials. Convert ROMAN NUMBERS

Picture Viewer ACDSee32 or ACDSee16

Registry Editor RegEditX Extensions

Search the Web Copernic 2001

Xenu - Find broken links on web sites

Diskdata (30 days evaluate) - Pie chart. Quickly analyzing file and folder disk space



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