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MS-DOS 6.22:

Once you delete a file from your disk, you may not be able to retrieve it.
Although the UNDELETE command can retrieve deleted file, it can do so with
certainty only if no other files have been created or changed on the disk.
If you accidentally delete a file that you want to keep, stop what you are
doing and immediately use the <UNDELETE Command> to retrieve that file(s).

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Password recovery

Lost Password(s)

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Kill CMOS. Lost BIOS password

You possibly must turn off your virus protection before you can download any files from the belowe URL's.

CAUTION: Do not experiment with these files.

PC CMOS management

Lost CDROM driver

Win9x/NT/2000. A freeware program that lets you create a boot disk, complete with more than 50 CD-ROM drivers


Windows 9x. - (045.817 byte). MRecover 1.71 - Release date May 11, 1999. A free
utility that recovers data from hard disks damaged by the CIH virus. In some cases you will
be able to do a 100 percent recovery (back to the state before the damage occurred)--if the
first partition on the HD is FAT32. If not, you can recover all your partitions except the first.

Many different files to download. Diagnostic Software - Recovery

UnCheck (9kb) Lots of FILE0001.CHK - Major crash (103.183 byte) - Recover tools Physical Damage - Repair Options - Data Rescue

More links - Freeware, recovery

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Win95 problems about OLE: Can't find OLE-file(s)

Trial Edition recover up to 5 files. Recover lost or inaccessible data.
Released version features a newly designed graphical user interface and
an enhanced recovery engine. You'll be able to recover lost and deleted
files, folders, complete partitions / entire drives quickly and easily:

Microsoft Win98 README for System Recovery

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Hardware & Links

  Identify and download driver for VGA chip.
  Tested in Win98/XP with TNT2.
  Nvidia.bat by Benny Pedersen,

  @echo off
  %1 %0 :: Source, destination: "" "C:\Driver\VGA"

  echo.:exit|%comSpec% /kPrompt dc000:A2L6$_q|debug|find/i "NVIDIA">nul
  if     errorlevel 1 for %%C in (echo pause cls) do %%C. Isn't Nvidia.

  if not errorlevel 1 if Windows_NT==%OS% if not exist %5 md %5
  if not errorlevel 1 if Win9X==Win9X%OS% %comSpec% /CxCopy nul %5\>nul

  if not errorlevel 1 for %%C in (%5 %4) do explorer %%C


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