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Restores a disk that was erased by using the FORMAT command.   UNFORMAT restores only local hard disk drives and floppy disk drives; it cannot be used on network drives. The UNFORMAT command can also rebuild a corrupted disk partition table on a hard disk drive. Syntax UNFORMAT drive: [/L] [/TEST] [/P] Parameter drive: Specifies the drive that contains the disk on which you want to recover files. Switches /L Lists every file and subdirectory found by UNFORMAT. If you do not specify this switch, UNFORMAT lists only subdirectories and files that are fragmented. To suspend scrolling of the displayed list, press CTRL+S; to resume scrolling, press any key. /TEST Shows how UNFORMAT would recreate the information on the disk, but does not actually unformat the disk. /P Sends output messages to the printer connected to LPT1. Related Command For information about formatting a disk, see the <FORMAT> command.
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