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Starts MS-DOS QBasic, a program that reads instructions written in the Basic computer language and interprets them into executable computer code. The QBasic program provides a complete environment for programming in the Basic language. QBasic includes extensive online Help. For more information about using QBasic, press ENTER immediately after starting QBasic or press F1 any time while running QBasic. Syntax QBASIC [/B] [/EDITOR] [/G] [/H] [/MBF] [/NOHI] [[/RUN][drive:][path]filename] Parameter [drive:][path]filename Specifies the location and name of the file to load when QBasic starts. Switches /B Displays QBasic in black and white if you have a color monitor. /EDITOR Invokes MS-DOS Editor, a full-screen text editor. /G Provides the fastest update of a CGA monitor. /H Displays the maximum number of display lines possible on your screen. /MBF Converts the built-in functions MKS$, MKD$, CVS, and CVD to MKSMBF$, MKDMBF$, CVSMBF, and CVDMBF, respectively. /NOHI Allows the use of a monitor that does not support high-intensity video. Do not use this switch with Compaq laptop computers. /RUN Runs the specified Basic program before displaying it. You must specify a filename.
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