@Echo off
 :A ASCII 7. (an ASCII 255 character is at the end of the following line:) 
    Strings dec=ask dec2bin?ÿ

    Strings bin=convert %dec%,2
    Echo          %dec% dec = %bin% bin.

    Strings/b2 dec=convert %bin%,1010
    Echo          %dec% dec = %bin% bin.

 For %%v in (dec bin) do Set %%v=
 For %%c in (Echo. Pause Cls Goto:AExit) do %%c

 Try: Substitute the "ASCII 7" character; in the
 above line, with an 'A.255' or an 'A.32'(space).
 Alternative, you can type [Ctrl+C] at the Pause.

Free script provided by Website Abstraction



Updated April 5, 2001