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Changes the appearance of the command prompt. You can customize the command prompt to display any text you want, including such information as the name of the current directory, the time and date, and the MS-DOS version number. Syntax PROMPT [text] Parameter text Specifies any text and information you want included in your system prompt. The following list shows the character combinations you can include instead of, or in addition to, any character string(s) in the text parameter. The list includes a brief description of the text or information that each character combination adds to your command prompt. "$Q" = (equal sign) "$$" $ (dollar sign) "$T" Current time "$D" Current date "$P" Current drive and path "$V" MS-DOS version number "$N" Current drive "$G" > (greater-than sign) "$L" < (less-than sign) "$B" | (pipe) '$_' ENTER-LINEFEED "$E" ASCII escape code (code 27) "$H" Backspace (to delete a character that has been written to the prompt command line) Caution $H, Depending on DOSKEY is loaded or not loaded, the output can really be screwed up. (See the News section). Related Commands For information about setting the current date and time, see the <DATE> and <TIME> commands. For information about ANSI escape sequences, see the <ANSI.SYS> topic.
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