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Reduces power consumption when applications and devices are idle. The power manager device driver conforms to the Advanced Power Management (APM) specification. This device driver must be loaded by a <DEVICE> command in your CONFIG.SYS file. Syntax DEVICE=[drive:][path]POWER.EXE [ADV[:MAX|REG|MIN]|STD|OFF] [/LOW] Parameters drive:path Specifies the location of the POWER.EXE file. ADV[:MAX|REG|MIN]|STD|OFF ADV[:MAX|REG|MIN Conserves power when applications and hardware devices are idle. In some cases, performance may be affected if an application is active instead of idle. Use MAX for maximum power conservation. Use REG, the default setting, to balance power conservation with application and device performance. Use MIN if the performance of an application or device is not satisfactory when you specify MAX or REG. STD If your computer supports the Advanced Power Management (APM) specification, STD conserves power by using only the power-management features of your computer's hardware. If your computer does not support the APM specification, STD turns off power management. OFF Turns off power management. Switch /LOW Loads the POWER.EXE device driver into conventional memory, even if the upper memory area is available. By default, POWER.EXE is loaded into the upper memory area if the upper memory area is available. Related Command For information about reducing power consumption, see <POWER>.
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