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Starts the Fastopen program, which improves performance on computers with large directories. Fastopen decreases the amount of time that MS-DOS takes to open frequently used files. Do not use this command when Windows is running. Fastopen tracks the location of files on a hard disk and stores the information in memory for fast access. Syntax FASTOPEN drive:[[=]n] [drive:[[n][...]] [/X] In your CONFIG.SYS file, use the following syntax: INSTALL=[[dos-drive:]dos-path]FASTOPEN.EXE drive:[[=]n] [drive:[[=]n][...]] [/X] Warning: To avoid losing data, do not run a defragmentation program such as Microsoft Defragmenter while FASTOPEN.EXE is loaded. Parameters [dos-drive:]dos-path Specifies the location of FASTOPEN.EXE. drive: Specifies a hard disk drive for which you want Fastopen to track the opening of files. n Specifies the number of files Fastopen can work with at the same time. Valid values for n are in the range 10 through 999. The default value is 48. Switch /X Creates the name cache in expanded memory instead of in conventional memory. The name cache is an area of memory in which MS-DOS stores (caches) the locations and names of the files that you open. This cache conforms to version 4.0 of the Lotus/Intel/Microsoft Expanded Memory Specification (LIM EMS).
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