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Starts MS-DOS Shell, a graphical interface to MS-DOS. MS-DOS Shell is included with MS-DOS 6.0 and earlier; it is not included   with MS-DOS 6.22. MS-DOS Shell is available in the MS-DOS Resource Kit. To order the Resource Kit, use the coupon in the back of your MS-DOS User's Guide. Syntax To start MS-DOS Shell in text mode, use the following syntax: DOSSHELL [/T[:res[n]]] [/B] To start MS-DOS Shell in graphics mode, use the following syntax: DOSSHELL [/G[:res[n]]] [/B] Parameters res Specifies a screen-resolution category. Valid values are L, M, and H to specify low, medium, and high resolution, respectively. The default value of res depends on your hardware. n Specifies a screen resolution when there is more than one choice within a category. For information about the valid values for this parameter, see the "Notes" screen. The default value of n depends on your hardware. Switches /T Starts MS-DOS Shell in text mode. /B Starts MS-DOS Shell using a black-and-white color scheme. /G Starts MS-DOS Shell in graphics mode.
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