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Copies the entire contents of one floppy disk to another floppy disk. DISKCOPY writes over the existing contents of the destination disk as it   copies the new information to it. This command determines the number of sides to copy based on the source drive and disk. Syntax DISKCOPY [drive1: [drive2:]] [/1] [/V] [/M] Parameters drive1: Specifies the drive containing the source disk. drive2: Specifies the drive containing the destination disk. Switches /1 Copies only the first side of a disk. /V Verifies that the information is copied correctly. Use of this switch slows the copying process. /M Forces DISKCOPY to use only conventional memory for interim storage. By default, DISKCOPY uses your hard disk as an interim storage area so you don't have to swap floppy disks. Related Commands For information about copying one or more files, see the <COPY> command. For information about copying directories and subdirectories, see the <XCOPY> command. For information about comparing two disks to see if they are identical, see the <DISKCOMP> command.
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