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Enables MS-DOS to use country-specific conventions for displaying times, dates, and currency; for determining the order by which characters are sorted; and for determing which characters can be used in filenames. You can use this command only in your CONFIG.SYS file. The COUNTRY command configures MS-DOS to recognize the character set and punctuation conventions observed when using one of the supported languages. Syntax COUNTRY=xxx[,[yyy][,[drive:][path]filename]] Parameters xxx Specifies the country code. yyy Specifies the character set for the country. [drive:][path]filename Specifies the location and name of the file containing country information. Related Commands For information about changing characters and their arrangement on your keyboard, see the <KEYB> command, or see the chapter <"Customizing for International Use"> in the MS-DOS User's Guide. For information about preparing and selecting character sets, see the <MODE (set device code pages)> command. For information about loading country-specific information, see the <NLSFUNC> command.
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