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Prompts the user to make a choice in a batch program. Displays a specified prompt and pauses for the user to choose from among a specified set of keys. You can use this command only in batch programs. For more information on the ERRORLEVEL parameter, see <CHOICE--Note> and the <IF> command. Syntax CHOICE [/C[:]keys] [/N] [/S] [/T[:]c,nn] [text] Parameters text Specifies text you want to be displayed before the prompt. Quotation marks are necessary only if you include a switch character (/) as part of the text before the prompt. If you don't specify text, CHOICE displays only a prompt. Switches /C[:]keys Specifies allowable keys in the prompt. When displayed, the keys will be separated by commas, will appear in brackets ([]), and will be followed by a question mark. If you don't specify the /C switch, CHOICE uses YN as the default. The colon (:) is optional. /N Causes CHOICE not to display the prompt. The text before the prompt is still displayed, however. If you specify the /N switch, the specified keys are still valid. /S Causes CHOICE to be case sensitive. If the /S switch is not specified, CHOICE will accept either upper or lower case for any of the keys that the user specifies. /T[:]c,nn Causes CHOICE to pause for a specified number of seconds before defaulting to a specified key. The values for the /T switch are as follows: c Specifies the character to default to after nn seconds. The character must be in the set of choices specified in the /C switch. nn Specifies the number of seconds to pause. Acceptable values are from 0 to 99. If 0 is specified, there will be no pause before defaulting said Microsoft but a zero won't work whether it's DOS 6.22 or Win98.
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Hidden test exist temporary in the source of this file

For %%imposible in (64 32 16 8 4 2) do SET N= N/2 (devide N with 2) My previous Batch program uses a third party utility "STRINGS.COM". If a variable N was 64, then I wanted to use 32. If N was set to 32 , then I wanted 16 and so on... but I will very soon substitute the "STRINGS.COM" file with the CHOICE command which performs; not only addition/subtraction but also multiplying/divide is possible! Examples: @------------------------------ rem (N/2) Devide N with two: ECHO %N%'|CHOICE /N/C24'8'''1'''''''3'''''''''''''''6 FOR %%N IN (1 2 4 8 16 32) DO IF ERRORLEVEL %%N SET N=%%N Note about errorlevel 3 (easy to see): if N contents no value, then the above syntax do returns N=2. @---------------- rem (X+8 -X/2) Add 8 to X and then perform a subtraction of X devided with 2: :: ECHO %X% | CHOICE /N/C:''EG24'8'''1'''''''3'''''''''''''''6 > NUL FOR %%G IN (09 10 12 16 24 40) DO IF ERRORLEVEL G%%G SET X=%%G Note: if X contents no value, then the above syntax returns X= "empty". @---------------- rem (X+9 -X/2) ECHO %X% | CHOICE /S/C'24'8''^1'''''''3''''''''''''e''6 FOR %%N IN (10 11 13 17 25 41) DO IF ERRORLEVEL ^%%N SET X=%%N Note: if X contents no value, then it returns X= "empty" but this example is country dependent of the OS. In Denmark where: (ECHO is "not" off), an exit code would be 30 (ECHO er slået fra), the variable X is set to 25. Ignore the ^ in my above CHOICE syntax. It's just to remember me about the value -8 in this subtraction. regards B, and you know where to find my Homepage. PS. HELP! I'll wait for your reply about my above English. : End Of Mission Impossible.