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Runs Microsoft Backup for MS-DOS, which backs up or restores one or more   files from one disk onto another. Note: MS-DOS also includes Microsoft Backup for Windows. Depending on the choices you made during MS-DOS Setup, you might have Backup for MS-DOS, Backup for Windows, both, or neither. This topic explains only Backup for MS-DOS; for information about Backup for Windows, see the MS-DOS User's Guide. You can back up all files on a disk or files that have changed since your last backup, schedule backups so they are done automatically on a regular basis, and restore files that you have backed up. Syntax MSBACKUP [setup_file] [/BW | /LCD | /MDA] Parameter setup_file Specifies the setup file that defines files to back up and the type of backup you want to perform. MSBACKUP creates a setup file when you save program settings and file selections. Setup files must have an SET extension. If you do not specify a setup file, MSBACKUP uses DEFAULT.SET. Switches /BW Starts MSBACKUP using a black-and-white color scheme. /LCD Starts MSBACKUP using a video mode compatible with laptop displays. /MDA Starts MSBACKUP using a monochrome display adapter.
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