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Displays or changes file attributes. This command displays, sets, or removes the Read-Only, Archive, System, and  Hidden attributes assigned to files or directories. Syntax ATTRIB [+R|-R] [+A|-A] [+S|-S] [+H|-H][[drive:][path]filename] [/S] To display all attributes of all files in the current directory, use the following syntax: ATTRIB Parameter [drive:][path]filename Specifies the location and name of the file(s) you want to process. Switches +R Sets the Read-Only file attribute. -R Clears the Read-Only file attribute. +A Sets the Archive file attribute. -A Clears the Archive file attribute. +S Sets the file as a System file. -S Clears the System file attribute. +H Sets the file as a Hidden file. -H Clears the Hidden file attribute. /S Processes files in the current directory and all of its subdirectories. Related Command For more information about copying files and directories with different attributes, see the <XCOPY> command.
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